webphotos 100Coming to a safe and complete stop is the most important safety feature your vehicle has to offer. It’s your braking system that helps you avoid daily road hazards and obey traffic laws. That’s why brake system maintenance will help ensure your safety, the safety of your passengers and the other drivers that share the road with you.

No matter if you have disc brakes, drum brakes or a combination of the two. When you need to have your brakes inspected, repaired or maintained we are here to help.

Brake Pads

Your braking system uses consumable parts such as brake pads. When do you know that it is time to change your brake pads? Often time brake pads have a small metal filament in them. When the pad wears down, the filament is exposed and creates a high pitched whine when your brakes are engaged.

This is meant to be an early warning because without the brake pads your braking system would be making metal to metal contact. The resulting heat and friction would make it difficult for your brakes to stop your vehicle.

This will lead to premature brake failure and the inability to stop your car which is extremely dangerous. So if it has been a while since you’ve had your brakes inspected Drive on by or give us a call. You can also schedule an appointment online for a day and time that works best for you.

Brake Fluid Flush

There is fluid in your brake lines that helps engage your braking system each time you depress your brake pedal. Overtime the fluid in your brake lines can become acidic due to contaminants and contact with the air. This acidity will in turn eat away at the more vulnerable components of your braking system.

There are several maintenance and repair services that will allow us to inspect your brakes. We can tell you about their condition and when you can expect to have them replaced. Don’t take chances with your braking system.

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